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Here's my personal physician's plan

Check out the interview of Dr Sam with nationally syndicated radio host Dr. Sebastian Gorka. Here is some of the great health advice for business leaders and high performers:

  • How we are like Odysseus on the way back from the Trojan War – the need to get back to our “fighting fettle”
  • What’s wrong with the way most medical professionals look at health today
  • How the ancient Greek Olympians were the first health hackers
  • The importance of blood-tests – “the river of life” – for us
  • Where is your biochemistry taking you?
  • A morning sun routine to begin your day
  • Use personalized supplements or nutraceuticals to fill in the gaps and help with stress
  • How to find a practitioner who will respect you and partner/collaborate with you
  • The ‘Faustian bargain’ of dealing with devices and technology
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