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The ideal leader combines the striving of extraordinary, enduring achievement with living a virtuous life.



Leaders need to grow their skills but also grow their minds, incorporating more perspectives, and elevating their worldview.

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You need to exercise your body, mind and spirit to effectively grow and reach your leadership potential.

Odysseus Gets Called Out

Odysseus Gets Called Out That He’s Not an Athlete “Stranger, I suppose you must be ignorant of all athletics. I know your type. The captain of a crew of merchant sailors, you roam round at sea and only care about your freight and cargo, keeping close watch on your illgotten gains. You are no athlete.”...

Achilles Challenges

Achilles Challenges his Fellow Leaders to “Rise Up” and Compete for the Prize “He [Achilles] stood upright and spoke his word out among the Argives [Greeks]: Rise up, you who would endeavor to win this prize also.“ – Homer, Iliad (23.830-831, Lattimore translation) What are the origins of Greek athletics?  The Greeks themselves considered the year...

Plato, the Broad-Shouldered Wrestler

Champion Athlete and Philosopher How did a philosopher like Plato – a lover of wisdom – someone who we moderns would consider purely an academic - create a unique, holistic approach to exercise and health? We will examine the life and background of Plato here to inspire our understanding of a holistic approach to the...